My name is Paul Burke, and I’m an aspiring photographer based in the Bay Area, California. I’ve been curious about the art of photography ever since middle school, but only two years ago gained the time and equipment necessary to truly begin my photographic journey. I was quickly drawn to birds because of their beauty, diversity, technical challenge, and of course because many like to visit my backyard! As a current senior in high school (and because of COVID), I have yet to do much traveling with my camera, but I can’t wait to explore the world through my lens.

I find photography to be a rewarding pursuit—the two things about it that I love the most are exploring the outdoors and sharing my photos. My favorite subjects to photograph are birds and landscapes, although I take pictures of everything. I recently submitted some of my work to the RMSP Photography Contest and received an honorable mention.

Aside from photography and videography, I love to play sports (basketball, crew, and ultimate frisbee), read, sing, play the piano, and make things in my workshop—otherwise known as the garage. I also love to code; I hand-coded this website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (plus lots of help from Stack Overflow and W3Schools). It was a fulfilling experience for me: I learned a lot about web design and combined two of my interests into a meaningful project.


Follow me on Instagram @paulburkephotography to see my latest photos and join me in my behind-the-scenes adventures!